Themed Cookies (7 day minimum notice)

Themed Cookies (7 day minimum notice)

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Please choose ONE design and ONE colour per set of 12 cookies. Cookie come in a heat sealed clear bag. 

-Mermaid Tale

-Mermaid Girl

-Unicorn Head 

-Unicorn Floaty

-Long Neck Dino

-3 horn Dino

- T-Rex




-Hulk Hand

-Iron Man

-Garbage Truck


-Space Ship 


-Nike Shoe




-LOL Doll


-Paw Print

-VW car 

-Monster Truck





-Roller Skate



Let your little one create there own custom cookies with our delicious paint your own packs. 

Each box comes with

- Food paint Pots and brush Food Paste

- Sprinkles and Food glue

- Add your fave designs in our delicious sugar cookies (each cookie comes in a heat sealed bag for freshness and will last a few weeks.

 Shipping for our Kits only Available in Australia - 2 to 4 days to bake and process in store, 2 to 7 days to arrive depending on location.

Picking up in store use this code - PICKUPINSTORE (if it requires your address its ok we will know your picking up and call you when ready)